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Drop the Sea bass

A debaucherous tale on the high seas using samples of old captain Birdseye ads #screwtopkittens check out more tunes at https://soundcloud.com/screwtopkittens Credits: Random messing about, music and video by Dan…

Raving Raven

A Tune made with my DIY raven fm synth and samples of the raven by Edgar Alan poe using the fabulous arduino nano and the mozzi arduino library https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/vr…

Gothing and Coughing

So I was a bit ill on a weekend afternoon and thought it was a good idea to use my resulting deep voice to write a gothic wonder 🙂

unexpected item

Latest track made on the train using my ipad with cubasis, korg ims20 and a bunch of samples from self service checkouts woo video is just a jumbled mess ah…

Cisco hold music with a touch of metal :)

A quick recording of the Cisco hold music-opus one but with some added guitar

Crunchy Hummus- Dreams of ours

Music video for Dreams of ours by crunchy hummus 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/crunchy-hummus

DINO Electric

Latest tune by screw top kittens inspired by fun and frolics &infest 2017 #infest (no Dinosaurs were harmed in this production)

Prayer to God

A cover of a shellac classic with a bit of an industrial twist

Evil Hands from out of space

More nonsense with a green screen 🙂

Have a very metal christmas

I made a metal Christmas song how original am I 🙂

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