• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Objective 10 – Defeat Fingerprint Sensor


Jan 18, 2021 ,

For this challenge all we require is the use of chromes dev tools. If you are not familiar with using browser dev tools this guide video proved useful to me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTeE3OrTNoA&t=1205s so the first thing we need to do is basically look at the app.js for the santavator and see how it handles button pushes to each floor to establish how the fingerprint check works. Looking at the app.js source we can see that the button used for santas office has a different action on click

looking for the handleBtn4 function we can see that it has an additional check compared to the action for the other buttons.

As we now know the button for santas office is operating in a different manner we can give it the same functionality as the other buttons using the console and thus bypassing the santa check by first setting a breakpoint on the line which specifies the click action once the breakpoint is hit we can then go to console and add our own entry:

btn4.addEventListener(‘click’, handleBtn);

Now that we have overridden the santa check the santas office button should now take us to the correct floor.


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