• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Objective 4 – Operate the Santavator


Jan 15, 2021 ,

So this challenge is fairly straight forward and there is two ways to do it first way is to collect items dotted around the map which include screws, straw , balls and lights and use these to feed the correct colour particles into the right receiver to unlock the floors. Be aware different floors contain different items so you need to explore all the floors you can get to with the items you have to hand to gain more.

When you match up the smoke you are able to go between floors apart from Santa’s office that requires a Santa fingerprint check oh my although we will hack this later in challenge 10. If for any reason you cannot be bothered doing a scavenger hunt you can use chrome or Firefox Dev tools to bypass the lift check (https://hackernoon.com/tips-and-tricks-for-debugging-in-chrome-developer-tools-458ade27c7ab). We will explore the Dev tools more on challenge 10.

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