• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Objective 3 – Point of Sale Password Recovery


Jan 15, 2021 ,

The third objective involved us needing to obtain the password for the point of sale terminal and we are provided with an executable binary of the file. The first thing I checked was just using strings to see if there was any static strings that looked like a password this failed to yield results. After receiving the clue about the application been an electron app (https://www.electronjs.org/) then the ASAR file containing the source code can be obtained from the binary. There is guides and apps on recovering this file such as this one https://medium.com/how-to-electron/how-to-get-source-code-of-any-electron-application-cbb5c7726c37 however I opted for the quick and dirty approach and just opened the executable directly in the archive manager to locate the file. When opening the executable in archive manager there is a folder called pluginsdir. In the folder a 7 zip archive containing the application exists called app-64.7z opening this you find the following

Opening the resources directory you find the app.asar:

This can then be opened in a text editor showing the source code including the password which is a plain text string.



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