• Sat. Apr 17th, 2021

Notes on active reconnaissance

Network Scanning 

-Host Scanning 
-Port Scanning 
-Packet crafting (ack scans) 
-Device enumeration 
-Vulnerability scanning


Command Line scanning utility that can be used for a range of scans such as: 
-Discovery scans 
-port scans 
-Host scans 
-Vulnerability scanning

Packet Crafting 
-Alter a packet before transmission 
-Can be used to test firewall rules evade IDS, perform DOS 

Network Mapping 
Leveraging various protocols to map a target network such as ARP, CDP, SNMP 

IDS mitigation using NMAP stealth scan 
Prevent IDS or firewalls using various techniques 
SYN SCAN (Doesn’t complete 3 way handshake) 
Add Timing options

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